Electroflocculatıon / Electrocoagulation
Water Treatment Calculations


Solid-State High Frequency, High Efficient & Low Power Water Purification System With Microprocessor Controller For Fast Application

Input waste water values and calculate estimated final results after Electroflocculation Water Treatment System.
  Before Treatment After Treatment  
pH Value (ex: 7,06) ?  
TSS as ppm ? ppm
TDS as ppm ? ppm
COD as ppm ? ppm
BOD as ppm ? ppm
NO2 ? ppm
NO3 ? ppm
Phosphate ? ppm
Oil/Grease ? ppm
Copper ? ppm
Arsenic ? ppm
Benzene ? ppm
Cadmium ? ppm
Lead ? ppm
Mercury ? ppm
Iron ? ppm
Microorganism ? cnt/gr
Energy Consumption   ? KW/m3
Red Fields are necessary.

The test results are approximately estimated. For better and exact results, you can send liquid samples to our laboratories for free of charge analyzing. For your question: info@soleybio.com .
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Block Diagram

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- Less operation cost than alternative methods (Less than 1USD for 1000 Liters Contaminated Water).
- Low power requirement.
- Very fast cleaning period.
- Microprocessor controller for detecting contaminant density for low energy usage. 
- Treats multiple contaminants.
- Small space requirements.
- Cleaning and sterilization processes.
- No daily maintenance.
- Removes heavy metals as oxides.
- Breaks oil emulsions in water
- Removes fats and oil.
- Removes suspended and colloidal solids.
- Removes organics.
- Removes bacteria, viruses, microalgae and cysts.
- No chemical additions.
- Handles a wide variation in the waste stream.
- Sludge minimization.
- Harvest protein, fat, microalgae and fiber from food processor waste streams.
- Recycle water, allowing closed loop systems such as aquariums and ponds.
- Recondition brine water by removing bacteria, fat, nitrates, etc.
- Removes BOD, TSS, TDS, FOG, etc., from wastewater before disposal to POTW.
- Removes the widest array of pollutants.
- Adaptable for all water systems and aquarium systems.
- Waste to Feed technology for aquaculture ponds.
For More Information: www.soleybio.com